U.S. Flag Missing At Democrat Debate, Again

If you looked on the stage at the Democrat debate Tuesday night in Charleston, SC, you’d have seen seven candidates. One thing none of those candidates asked for or likely noticed was absent was the symbol of the nation they are competing with each other to lead.

The American flag.

We can guess why the flag was absent. The Democrats did not want to offend their myriad constituencies like illegal aliens, communists, and those who simply hate this country.

To those groups the flag is a symbol of racism, sexism, and imperialism.

No matter the over a million deaths Americans have suffered in war to rid the world and itself of the scourges of those very things. No matter that most of that blood was spilled selflessly, without recompense or gain. No matter that the very people on that stage are alive, free, and speak English because those who value that flag fought to honor it and keep it the symbol of a strong and independent people.

Where that flag has flown people have been given hope and refuge from oppression. Men and women with that flag on their shoulders have for a long time brought medicine, food, and survival to nations all over the world stricken by natural disaster. They continue to do so today.

But none of that means a thing to modern Democrats. Their hatred for their own country is far greater than the love of this nation felt by everyday Americans.  So the flag will continue to be absent at their debates.

And with it, any real claim they have on the leadership of the United States of America.

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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The Democrats play it PC safe and end up offending millions of loyal citizens.
The post U.S. Flag Missing At Democrat Debate, Again appeared first on The Political Insider.Read More


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